Pressed flowers

Flower pressing is a hobby I’ve enjoyed since childhood but is by no means child’s play.

It is a simple technique, however, there are a few things to consider when starting out. Not all plants are easy to press.

For me, finding ways of preserving materials and seeing beauty in all its different forms is at the heart of creativity with flowers. In contrast to arranging fresh flowers, seeking and collecting materials to press and arrange is a much slower contemplative pastime.

I enjoy growing flowers for pressing and searching for and identifying materials when I’m out and about. Foraging for plants really connects me to nature and the seasons sparking my curiosity in the world around me. 

Flower pressing is a very old tradition which was fashionable in Victorian Britain. It is a lovely hobby as a means of recording moments and as an artistic pursuit, even as an important scientific record. It is excellent for children and adults alike to learn about plants in your local area and how to identify them. 

The process of creating design work with pressed flowers is in many ways the same as arranging a fresh flower display albeit on a much smaller scale and with many possibilities.

Local craftsman Nick James has helped me to create a beautiful kit to get you started with flower pressing which you can buy here for contactless delivery which includes one to one online tips and guidance.